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Your eyes are your gateway to the world. They give you the ability to see the beauty that is all around you. For all they do for you, they deserve the highest quality care possible. At Rolling Hills Eyecare in Pullman & Colfax, WA, we believe every patient deserves clear, comfortable vision. That’s why we provide personalized eyecare by kind and approachable professionals. We ensure you understand your eye conditions and treatment options, so you can make the best possible decisions for you and your healthiest eyes.

Personalized Care for Your Healthiest Eyes


Where Healthy Eyes Lead to Beautiful Art

Many of our patients are talented artists, and we are proud to feature the work of one of our talented patients on a large chalkboard in our office. New work is presented each quarter. Let us know if you would like to be a featured artist!

See What Our Patients Are Saying

“I could not have been more pleased with Rolling Hills Eyecare. I went in for my appointment and they were even able to take me early! Also, with a very thorough exam and accurate assessment of my condition. I was very impressed with this team.”

– Christina H. (Pullman)

“The services I receive at Rolling Hills are always delivered in a friendly manner and by very thorough optometrists. For over 4 decades, I have been seeing different doctors about my eyes. This office is by far the best. I moved away, and even so, I make the trip without a second thought or a doubt in my mind.”

– Adrienne D (Pullman).

“The evaluation of my eyes at Rolling Hills Eyecare was very professional and complete. I felt very confident that no one could have done a better job. I appreciated the expert explanation of the picture of my eyes as well.”

– Henry K (Pullman).

“This office maintains it’s great reputation by being very punctual and professional. All of my exams have been very thorough, time after time. It’s nice to be able to trust them and their kindness towards my children.”

– Jamie B. (Colfax)

“I really enjoy the convenience of the office, and how the staff there always exhibits the highest level of professionalism. Everyone there will pretty much go out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable, and that you’re able to get what you’re looking for. The doctor is wonderful!”

– Patrick F. (Colfax)

“The doctor and all the staff at Rolling Hills Eyecare very helpful and knowledgeable. The doctor took pictures of an eye concern I had, then went over in detail what it was, what it meant, what my options are, and some prevention advice too. I really appreciated how thorough my doctor was.”

– Carrick H. (Colfax)

“The main thing I like about Rolling Hills Eyecare is that every step of the exam is always explained in detail. In addition, the staff is amazing and helpful. Rolling Hills Eyecare gives the best eye exams I have ever had.”

– Kristy L. (Pullman)

“I’ve been coming here for at least 10 years now, and have always been extremely pleased with the service that I’ve received. The people that work there are so sweet I like them all, I’ve actually become friends with most of them over the years. Visits are pleasant, and the doctor always asks how you’re doing throughout the exam. Comfort is a priority here, which I really appreciate.”

– Tabitha K. (Pullman)

“I have always been extremely happy with my care, however my last visit was incredible! I called with a concern and the staff worked me into their busy schedule the same day. It is clear they truly care about their patients.”

– Gary M. (Pullman)

“The staff here is extremely professional and well trained on the products offered here. Everyone has always been very friendly towards me, willing to help, and answer any questions. It’s a very pleasant experience.”

– MaryJo L. (Pullman)

“I was very impressed with my visit to Rolling Hills Eyecare. I was greeted right away and taken care of immediately. Everyone was extremely helpful and kind.”

– Miranda J. (Pullman)

“They were both professional and friendly, putting me at ease with the exam routine. The staff at Rolling Hills Eyecare not only gave me a standard eye exam but they also educated me as to what to do to improve my vision and my eye health!”

– Thomas B. (Colfax)

“Rolling Hills Eyecare have done a fine job during the appointments that I have had with them. I have never had an issue with my comfort and the staff is always very friendly.”

– Warren B. (Colfax)

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